Live Streaming Services

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Couch Potato Production Offers Multi-Camera Live Streaming 

Advancement in the digital world has led to new trends – live streaming is one of them. Especially due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, people prefer to stay at home and become a part of every important event virtually. Every activity is becoming online – form education to big events and all are facing a drastic shift. At Couch Potato Production House, we have all multi-camera live streaming and mixing equipment. You can rely on us for top-quality professional services.

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Secure Live Streaming Services

We are well aware of the fact that strong virtual communication has become an essential part of today’s world. It is an effective management tool for delivering content. The use of the live streaming platform has widely increased, and almost everyone is turning to it. You can seek our professional services for the best experience. Our main focus is to keep our client’s content secure. Therefore, you can trust us completely. We are offering all the important features that are required for live streaming, such as customization, authorization, privacy, and security.

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Affordability and Quality 

We are one of the most affordable production houses located in Hyderabad, who are there to help you out in online ventures. You can call us to live stream any kind of event. Whether you are leading a business conference or a virtual classroom conference, we are your best choice. Hire us and reach your audience instantly. Our HD lives streaming services ensure non-stop coverage and will help you out in continuing your work just like before Corona Days. We will try our best to provide you with satisfactory services at your budget!

Virtual Event Production

New Calendar, New Event

As the years’ pass, the world progresses and jumps onto new trends. Here we are with another wide trend,  Virtual Event Production Videos. This digital age, you can now host your events online, engaging your audience from the comfort of their home.


Why Couch Potato Productions?

We are a skilful team with first-hand experience in live event video production and live streaming video production. With professional views and work experience at hosting events on every streaming platform, we can help you upgrade your current online events with multiple camera angles, custom animated graphics, pre-roll, music and so much more! 

What makes your event different from others? Custom sets. We have a wide range of styles for you to choose from, for us to create one around your style. Custom sets are not only an attraction setter but automatically puts your event at the top; in terms of content, styling and audience!

We make it an easy and memorable experience for both you and your audience to engage with your content sharing. We find the best suitable platform for your work, goals or just entertainment!


Your Trust is Safe with Us – a Hyderabad Video Production House

With security being a tight constraint, Couch Potato Productions offers you maximum security. Our values are held high and keeping our client’s content secure is at the top of our list. While we take care of everything from the beginning, the content, timing, design, and the run of your event, we make sure that you receive the complete experience along with your audience. Hence, while we host an event for you, we also look into security; yours and your audience’s. With a built-up set, a cream script, flawless execution and maximum security, you are ready to host a successful event!

Virtual Event Production

Video Content For Social Media

Looking for the best option for branding your business? Well, nowadays, social media is the best available platform for this purpose.

Who can deny the importance of creative and engaging social media video content in engaging consumers? Whether you own a home business or trying to promote a multinational firm, it has become essential to show an active presence on social media. You can rely on the Couch Potato Productions for creating invigorating content for them. 


Top Quality Work 

We are based in Hyderabad and struggling to provide top quality marketing services to our clients. Our professional and dedicated team will indulge deeply to create a custom-tailored monthly social media content for your brand. Statistics show that almost 85% of the US internet users are engaged in watching online video content – it means that the trend of social media video marketing is becoming increasingly popular.

SEO Techniques 

Our focus is to provide an amalgamation of traditional as well as modern work to our clients. With our innovative approach, we promise to deliver an integrated graphic content for your brand. Our efforts are directed towards SEO techniques and targeting a specific audience. Our strategic thinking will surely boost your business and increase your profit returns. 

Affordable Rates

At Couch Potato Productions, we strive to deliver excellence and uniqueness at affordable rates. We can offer customized solutions to our clients based on their budget while maintaining our quality. Our expert team will listen carefully to your demands and then craft an original social media video content for your brand guaranteeing enhanced publicity and customer attraction.

Event Aftermovies

We are an innovative brand that uses cutting edge technology to cover your events.

An aftermovie is a short video clip that comprises the best shots of an event. It’s a smart marketing strategy that a lot of businesses use to build brand authority and make their events worth remembering. After all, you don’t want your event to be forgotten just because it’s over. And the best way to keep it alive is to create an exciting aftermovie that not only captures the audience’s attention but will also keep them hooked for your next event.

Honestly, that’s all you want to attain as a brand owner.

Couch Potato Productions – Best Aftermovie Experts In The City

Couch Potato is among the top aftermovie makers in Hyderabad. We are known for creating jaw-dropping aftermovies that drive a large number of audiences and bring a vast amount of popularity to your upcoming events. Not only this, but your event won’t just become a memory once it’s over. Our exciting aftermovies will turn it into a valuable asset to help your business flourish. We make this possible by using suitable music, gorgeous editing, and catchy content. The result of this will be a product that not only documents your event but also fascinates the audience.

Why us?

Couch Potato is an innovative brand that uses cutting edge technology to cover your events. Our multicam event coverage enables us to capture, create, and present unforgettable aftermovies of your events. 

We are the masters of this art! It doesn’t matter whether you’re holding a seminar, networking event, or an annual dinner, our aftermovie production can take your brand to the next level by keeping people hooked for your next events. Moreover, our videos are precise, clear, and keep the viewers engaged from start to finish.

If you hire us, we’ll go all out for you to create videos that will leave a great impact online.

Real-Estate Videos

Couch Potato Productions, your own Hyderabad-based filmmakers,  captures your brand in a unique light that will not just show your estate to the buyers, but let them experience the beauty of lifestyle they have envisioned.

What’s in the market?


A house is not just four walls, but a getaway from the hustle-bustle of the world, your place to let down your guard and relax. Upgrading from the picture clicks, realtors are now jumping to videos to showcase the goldmine that they have. Real estate videos show the brand personality, highlight the community, and inspire the lifestyle that will attract the buyer you desire!

Couch Potato Productions – Experience the estate.

We make sure that your buyers embrace the power of your estate through our videos. We express your creative calls through our expert solutions that project your brand, personality, and listings as beautifully as possible. Our videos are well-edited and create a high-impact incorporating high production value and visually-stunning walkthrough videos. Couch Potato Productions, your own Hyderabad-based filmmakers,  captures your brand in a unique light that will not just show your estate to the buyers, but let them experience the beauty of lifestyle they have envisioned. 

No Boundaries

From scenic shots to on-ground property walkthrough footage, we have it all. A few estate photos on your website will only give your buyers a glimpse into the property, but a Couch Potato Productions video allows them to take a virtual tour before ever stepping through the door. Our expert team captures not just the beauty of your listing, but also the story, the warmth and the feeling of a home that your buyers are looking for. Whether it’s finding the right buyer, or showing that you have an upper-hand in this competitive market, we are the one-stop-shop to your real estate stardom!

Aerial Videos

Couch Potato Productions – Reach the Sky When you have a plethora of options available at a single video production house in Hyderabad, then why look around? Our team is equipped with a variety of equipment that suits any aerial video project. From scenic landscape flyovers to low, fast, tracking action shots, we’ve got it all!

Aerial Videos – The High Demand


In a world where everything is accessible at a snap of a finger, the demand for ‘the bigger, the better’ increases. The better your product, the bigger your brand’s demand. A complete view- the high view- projects your product’s fine demand. Aerial videos are mostly used for establishing shots, follow shots, and action sequences, giving your audience the required information along with scenic beauty.  

Couch Potato Productions – Reach the Sky

When you have a plethora of options available at a single video production house in Hyderabad, then why look around? Our team is equipped with a variety of equipment that suits any aerial video project. From scenic landscape flyovers to low, fast, tracking action shots, we’ve got it all!

  • Drone Cinematography: We provide top Quality aerial videos, projecting a unique point of view by capturing professional stabilized footage in full HD quality. 
  • 360-Degree Drone Videography: 360-degree VR drone aerial video services allows your audience to immerse in the experience of the story you are narrating. The audience can look around the scene in 360-degree VR videos that expose them to feel the moment.

The Sky’s the Limit

The very first step of making good videos for any production house in Hyderabad is to have the right equipment. Our expert team strives to give you the best hence, we use the integration of digital video, global positioning systems (GPS) and automated image processing to improve the accuracy and the quality of content. Aerial videos are challenging, but with the right equipment that Couch Potato Productions possesses and the masterminds behind its execution will show you that it’s easy to reach the sky! Our professional services provide you with the best experiences and priceless content that serves as a delight to not just your team but also your target audience. 

Ad Films / TV Commercials

Ad Films – Why are they important? 

Do you still remember some ads from your childhood time? Most probably, yes! But why? Well, because those ads were designed with unique and sharp visuals to leave a long-lasting impact on the consumer’s mind. Ad films are one of the best and most effective media for capturing a massive audience attraction. One can creatively convey their desired message within seconds using ad films. It is a quick communication approach – especially if you intend to connect with your consumers emotionally.

Couch Potato Productions – Providing Out Class Services to Consumer

Couch Potato Productions is one of the most innovative ad film production houses in Hyderabad. Our professional team of ad filmmakers is enthusiastic and passionate about delivering iconic work to our clients. If you are looking for quality ad filmmakers in Hyderabad, we are surely going to be your first choice. We pay attention to every single detail ranging from the subtle performances to the right music! Our ad filmmakers visualize your concept and try to materialize it in the best possible way. We are a full-service provider working diligently to offer well-crafted audio-visual ad films.

What Makes Us Distinguished? 

Our talented team is aware of the fact that storytelling is an art – a good story remains enlivened forever! However, creating a unique film ad demands a lot of brainstorming and in-depth search. You can rely on us for outclass marketing and branding solutions for your company. Our dedicated film production members know how to offer services beyond your expectation. We always focus on providing an out-class premium quality work. All our ad films imbibe all technical and aesthetic film making principles in them. You will find that our exclusive services target the audience and convey them the desired message in an amazingly beautiful way.


Hire Us to Boost Your Brand  

All our commercial videos are interactive and enable your brand to rise above the others. You can contact us for the finest services and at affordable rates. Our team will cater to all the aspects of filmmaking. We are with you from the visualization of your idea till the execution. You will find us striving hard to produce engaging content for attracting consumers.


Award-Winning Documentary Production House

If you think that you have an inspiring real-life story that can connect with a massive audience, then you need to put your trust in Couch Potato Production House. Moreover, you need to try the services of one of the award-winning documentary production houses in Hyderabad. We have a team of professional and visionary members who know how to add charisma to your story. 

Choose Us for Diversity

As per Wikipedia, a documentary film is a non-fictional motion-picture intended to “document reality, primarily for instruction, education, or maintaining a historical record.” We know it very well how to add magic to your content and make it interesting. We craft engaging documentaries with passion and showcase your real-life story to the audience effectively. We know how to capture the audience’s attention on all social media platforms – hence, you will find a unique diversity in our work.

One-Stop Solution for All Your Documentary Production Related Needs

We claim to be one of the most talented documentary film production in Hyderabad. Our workflow is specifically designed to value our clients. We listen to their concepts and consider all the related challenges. Moreover, our team pays detail to all the factors related to documentary videos and will be involved deeply in every stage. We aim to provide a one-stop solution to our clients as we are equipped with professionals who are experts in scriptwriting, directing, video filming, editing, and song composition. In short, we have it all for the best documentary production! 

Delivering Top Quality Services at Affordable Rates

Our experienced and dedicated team always works with diligence. We never turn down any client due to budget constraints, and we aim to offer top-notch services at affordable rates. So, feel free to contact us for budget negotiations – we will provide you with a customized package at your rates!

Here are some of the documentaries we have worked on!

Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are an effective form of advertising for businesses of all types and sizes. They can help you establish your brand identity and bring immense traffic to your website. A typical video testimonial features positive comments from one of your clients to build the confidence of your prospective buyers.  If you are looking to enhance the quality and reliability of your brand, video testimonials are the way to go.

Unfortunately, it requires plenty of effort and thorough planning to build a killer customer testimonial. However, the good news is that Couch Potato is here to help you.

Video Testimonials That Boost Your Sales

Couch Potato is famous for creating awesome video testimonials. Our testimonials keep the clients engaged from start to finish, reduce bounce rate, and boost the confidence of your prospective buyers. We make this possible by including branded visuals that make the testimonials more dynamic and appealing. We know that testimonials that are dry never stand a chance at landing customers. Therefore, we go all out to add relevant images, logos, and charts to make them as tempting as possible.

Not only this, but our client testimonials are also designed to build an emotional connection between viewers and existing customers and thus, include personal stories of clients.

Why Us?

When it comes to video testimonials, Couch Potato productions is way ahead in the game. We are aware that it’s not easy to grab the attention of online buyers. Therefore, we go all out to create videos that are not just appealing but also easy to consume. Moreover, we try our best to keep them as natural as possible. This is exactly why you will find a lot of personal stories of existing clients and very limited sales related stuff in our employee testimonials. Lastly, our content saves time. We explain complex things in a simple manner and present more facts in less time.

If you are looking to hire a company that will boost your sales quickly, give us a call at (phone number) and we’ll show you our magic.