FeaturedImportance of Having a Video for Your Business in This Digital Age


TechCrunch has proclaimed that everyone watches nearly 1 billion hours of YouTube video on a daily basis. The communication, conducted between a viewer and the Company’s ad, has paramount importance. This metric has quite an importance for the Companies who would like to grow business to a greater extent. The videos deliver the message of the Company to a greater extent, increasing the awareness as well as reach to the targeted audience greatly. This is why; marketing video should be a large part of your digital marketing strategy.

Couch Potato Productions – Offering Amazing Quality Video Ads

We are  Couch Potato Productions,  a full-service video production house based in Hyderabad. Our Company proudly produces the Ad-Films, Documentaries, Music Videos, Product Launch Videos, and Various Animated Explainer Videos. Our Company offers the most efficient and high-quality exclusive visual narrative, which is based upon proficient storytelling.

Our Company has been working As Video Agency in Hyderabad since last 5 years. Couch Potato Productions has worked with the Indian Army, Facebook, ICICI Bank, Invesco, Microsoft, and the Government of Telangana.

Why Should Your Avail Services of Couch Potato Productions?

The dynamics of the market compel the products to market their brands through video marketing. In this digital age, it has become imperative for users to utilize video marketing in their product’s favor. Following are some of the top reasons why you should use Couch Potato Productions services to boost your business:

  • There have been 97% of marketers who had claimed that videos assist customers in understanding products in a better way.
  • Our produced videos increase the overall traffic of the website. Our Company ensures that 80% of traffic will be risen by us.
  • We have a long list of businesses that have achieved great satisfaction and included digital media marketing in their campaigns for good.
  • 31% of the total traffic accounts for 13% of total traffic generated by video marketing.
  • 90% customers of the clients insisted that video marketing increased their understanding of the product.


Therefore, the video marketing services by Couch Potato Productions have greater importance for businesses in the digital age. Couch Potato Productions produces the highest quality videos that boost your online presence because we understand that the growth of your business depends upon your interaction with your customers. We are an experienced video content agency, investing our skills and expertise in enriching the experience of your customers.

Live Streaming Services

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Couch Potato Production Offers Multi-Camera Live Streaming 

Advancement in the digital world has led to new trends – live streaming is one of them. Especially due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, people prefer to stay at home and become a part of every important event virtually. Every activity is becoming online – form education to big events and all are facing a drastic shift. At Couch Potato Production House, we have all multi-camera live streaming and mixing equipment. You can rely on us for top-quality professional services.

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Secure Live Streaming Services

We are well aware of the fact that strong virtual communication has become an essential part of today’s world. It is an effective management tool for delivering content. The use of the live streaming platform has widely increased, and almost everyone is turning to it. You can seek our professional services for the best experience. Our main focus is to keep our client’s content secure. Therefore, you can trust us completely. We are offering all the important features that are required for live streaming, such as customization, authorization, privacy, and security.

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Affordability and Quality 

We are one of the most affordable production houses located in Hyderabad, who are there to help you out in online ventures. You can call us to live stream any kind of event. Whether you are leading a business conference or a virtual classroom conference, we are your best choice. Hire us and reach your audience instantly. Our HD lives streaming services ensure non-stop coverage and will help you out in continuing your work just like before Corona Days. We will try our best to provide you with satisfactory services at your budget!