Virtual Reality- The New Reality

   Virtual reality is an experience that plunges you into a simulation, keeps you put, yet transports you into a different realm. A reality you await to mingle, and a dream you want to feel, if that’s the zone you’re looking for, then virtual reality is your answer! Virtual reality videos let you experience everything without you having to move a single muscle. These videos that once began as a source of entertainment, have now slithered their way into every genre. From real estate scouting to product launches, virtual reality has taken over every activity! These videos create an illusion of the user being a part of the video through the rendition of 3D images. VR Videos produce an immersive and interactive user experience as they are shot with specialist omnidirectional cameras. 

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Couch Potato Productions – 360 Degree Connection

When video production is a passion, there is no zone that is left untouched by the team. While 360-degree videos are produced by our expert team members, we also maintain a 360-degree connection with our clients, providing them with exactly what they want. Our Hyderabad studio effectively engages the audience and leaves them wanting more of the everlasting experience they just observed. With the innovation of virtual reality videos and our premium content, there is nothing that will hold your audience from tuning in!

Your Dream, Our Team

You may look around, and wonder, out of all the video production houses in Hyderabad, why us? Our team works passionately and relentlessly to produce your dream on the screen. With proficient and creative minds, we make a team that leaves people wanting more! Our solutions look at your requirements and cater to those of the audience too. A package deal that takes everyone into consideration and yields exclusive content!

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