New Calendar, New Event

As the years’ pass, the world progresses and jumps onto new trends. Here we are with another wide trend,  Virtual Event Production Videos. This digital age, you can now host your events online, engaging your audience from the comfort of their home.


Why Couch Potato Productions?

We are a skilful team with first-hand experience in live event video production and live streaming video production. With professional views and work experience at hosting events on every streaming platform, we can help you upgrade your current online events with multiple camera angles, custom animated graphics, pre-roll, music and so much more! 

What makes your event different from others? Custom sets. We have a wide range of styles for you to choose from, for us to create one around your style. Custom sets are not only an attraction setter but automatically puts your event at the top; in terms of content, styling and audience!

We make it an easy and memorable experience for both you and your audience to engage with your content sharing. We find the best suitable platform for your work, goals or just entertainment!


Your Trust is Safe with Us – a Hyderabad Video Production House

With security being a tight constraint, Couch Potato Productions offers you maximum security. Our values are held high and keeping our client’s content secure is at the top of our list. While we take care of everything from the beginning, the content, timing, design, and the run of your event, we make sure that you receive the complete experience along with your audience. Hence, while we host an event for you, we also look into security; yours and your audience’s. With a built-up set, a cream script, flawless execution and maximum security, you are ready to host a successful event!

Virtual Event Production